Image credit to Jill Dolge-Butzer

ACFA  Grand Champion 

Purrtopia's Bearpaw of Everpaw


Brown Mackerel Tabby and White 

Yoshi is one of those cats that only come once in a lifetime. A truly special cat, he has the sweetest love-bug personality, always by my side he will follow me into every room and wants to be cuddled.  He has excellent boning, amazing size, with a beautiful expression, and he truly meets the standard for the breed. We are so lucky that his breeder, Lisa Thostenson with Purrtopia, agreed to let us have him as the foundation of our breeding program. We are excited for Yoshi to be shown during the 2023-2024 season with CFA and ACFA. He has an impressive pedigree with National winner, Regional Winner, Breed Winner, Grand Champion and Distinguished Merit lines.  In September 2023 Yoshi Granded in ACFA after only two shows! We expect his litters to be just as amazing as he is. Coming December 2023!!

Sire: Grand Champion; Regional Winner Purrtopia's Let's Go Crazy! 


Dam: Champion A La Russe's Natalia of Purrtopia

Image Credit to Chanan Photography

 Chulpancat Cobra Kai of Everpaw 


Silver Spotted Tabby and White 

Kai is a beautiful Silver Spotted Tabby and White boy we imported from overseas. Instead of having traditional mackerel lines that display a fishbone pattern, he has spots which creates a very unique tabby pattern, add in the touches of white he is truly one of a kind bi-color. He has a sweet temperament, a very gentle soul, he loves to cuddle and sit on your lap, and like Yoshi he is extremely affectionate. When you meet him you immediately want to give him hugs and kisses because he is such a lover boy. He has big round eyes and we are excited to see his future litters. A huge thank you to Liliya Zakirova of Chulpancat for giving us the amazing opportunity to have this beautiful boy to develop our Silver Tabby and Smoke program. He has an outstanding pedigree consisting of lines from PaJean, Candirand, Ark Star and Joleigh.

Sire: Crystal Pearl's Dream Boy 


Dam: Chulpancat Jessi Angel Face


Image Credit to Carissa & Janet Altschul with Cacao Cattery

CFA  Grand Champion 

Cacao's Comic Relief of Everpaw

Silver Mackerel Tabby and White (Persian)

Comic is an absolutely stunning Silver Mackerel Tabby and White pure Persian boy. He has the sweetest, spunkiest personality and truly lives up to his name as he is the Comic Relief of the house!! Being goofy and silly just comes so natural to him, but he is also such a lover and enjoys taking a nap on our laps. At the tender age of only 8 months -- while being shown by his breeders at his VERY FIRST CFA SHOW -- he received enough points to earn his Grand Champion title! Not surprisingly, his dad (Cacao Intrusive Thoughts) was also a one show Grand Champion. With much appreciation, Comic was given to us by his breeders, Janet and Carissa Altschul of Cacao Cattery, to add to our Silver Tabby/Smoke breeding program. We are so fortunate to have this amazing boy with THE BEST eyes!! His pedigree includes the prestigious Purrinlot lines.

Sire: Grand Champion; National Winner Cacao's Intrusive Thoughts 


Dam: Cacao's Kizzy 


Image credit to Jill Dolge-Butzer

ACFA Double Champion 

Purrtopia's Tuscan Red of Everpaw


Brown Patched Classic Tabby 

Colbie is what is sometimes referred to as a "Torbie" which is when a Tortoiseshell has tabby markings, and in her case she is a classic tabby. The bullseye markings create a unique and mesmerizing color combination. She also has a tortie personality which is known as "tortitude" and she is a very sweet girl and has all the amazing qualities of the breed. She has an excellent head, good boning, with a beautiful plush coat. She will be shown in both the Kitten and Open class during the 2023-2024 show season and we are excited to see her in the ring. She is already proving to be one of the judges favorite kittens, already getting 2nd best kitten and we look forward to an amazing show season for her. Her pedigree includes lines from Joleigh, D'Eden Lover, Boberan, and TopKnot and we are grateful to Lisa Thostenson with Purrtopia for letting us have these fabulous lines for our program.

Sire: Grand Champion, Regional Winner Purrtopia's Longmire


Dam: Purrtopia's When Doves Cry


Image credit to Frederic Gaspard with D'Eden Lover

CFA Champion 

D'Eden Lover Toxic of Everpaw


Solid Black 

Scotti is an incredibly special cat who loves to give affection, loves to be carried around, sit on your lap and cuddle, and loves to speak her mind! She is the most vocal Exotic we've ever met. She comes with an amazing pedigree from D'Eden Lover, has a beautiful, soft, dense coat, excellent expression, and meets the standard for the breed with great doming, ears and eyes. She was able to get some points toward Grand Champion during the 2022-2023 show season, but then mother nature called and we were not able to show her anymore. She has so many amazing qualities and features and we can't wait to see what type of litters she produces. 




Dam: D EDEN LOVER'S Rastacouere 


D'Eden Lover Mazarine of Everpaw


Solid Blue 

Mazzie is a gorgeous solid blue female with an outstanding pedigree, huge eyes, a sweet teddy bear face, cobby body type, wonderful coat, and the best temperament, that we imported from France. Her meow is so precious you can't help but say "omg how cute!!" when she tries to talk because her sweet voice produces more of a squeak than a meow. We were not able to get her to any shows before mother nature called, but we look forward to seeing what type of babies she will have. We are thankful to Frederic with D'Eden Lover for agreeing to let us have her lines which includes National Winners, Regional Winners, Grand Champions, and Distinguished Merits.


Sire: Grand Champion YDEM Musashi of D EDEN LOVER


 Dam: D EDEN LOVER'S Zazoo