An adorable Everpaw Exotic Longhair kitten living with a new loving family in MN.

About the Cattery: 

When we say we are a very small cattery we mean it. We only breed Exotics! We are in love with this breed and invest all our time and effort to producing the best quality, sound, and healthy cats with amazing temperaments for our hobby of showing them at prestigious cat shows around the country. We are particularly focused on breeding Silver Tabbies/Smokes, but we will typically have a range of kitten colors and patterns available!  Some kittens posted on our social media and website may not be available. 

We have only 1-2 breeding males at a time and we limit our breeding Queens to one litter per year, creating small litters of wonderful quality. This effort ensures we are meeting our primary goal to enhance the standard of the breed, taking great care that each kitten receives the attention, care, and love they deserve. Our cats are raised inside our spacious home and they are never allowed to go outside. Our in-home cattery includes a large living space with a privacy room plus a nursery for the kittens. Our cattery offers plenty of natural light, fresh air, and is temperature controlled. Because we take the health and safety of our cats and kittens very seriously, the cattery is cleaned and sanitized from top to bottom every day. We also go above and beyond to test for health and to ensure the lines we are using have been health tested as well. 

About US: 

We are California natives that now reside in Minneapolis, MN where we have lived since 2017. We have owned and cared for cats for over 45 years and have a host of knowledge and experience with many different breeds of cats. We have also bred horses, dogs, birds, and fish! However, we are only breeding Exotics at this time. 

More Details:

We show our cats at various CFA, TICA, and ACFA approved cat shows throughout the year in order to improve our program and to show the world our beautiful cats and let them impress the judges in the ring. If you see us at a show please feel free to come introduce yourself and see our cats in person!

Our Sires and Queens are all DNA tested and are NEGATIVE for PKD, FIV, and FELV. Additionally, they come from lines free of those diseases.  We have taken great care to make sure we are enhancing the standards of the Exotic breed as we strive to create sound, healthy, happy, beautiful kittens.

Shout Outs: 

We want to give a special thank you to Lisa Thostenson of Purrtopia Exotics and Diane Wagner of Vareda Persians for their mentorship and assistance with getting us started with our breeding program and with showing our beautiful Exotics at cat shows. We also want to thank Janet and Carissa Altschul of Cacao Cattery and Cary Plummer with Stars R Us cattery for helping us get started with our Silver Tabby/Smoke program.

Here is a brief summary of how we raise our kittens:

·       As soon as we know one of our Queens is pregnant (usually around day 21 of pregnancy) she gets placed in a maternity suite to keep her and the unborn kittens safe and so we can monitor her food and water intake as well as her litter box habits.

·       When the kittens are born (around 65 days of pregnancy) they will stay in the birthing suite with their mother for the first few days until we know they are all nursing and gaining weight.

·       Once we’re confident that they are gaining the proper amount of weight, mom and kittens are moved into a large kitten suite. This space is kept dimly lit and quiet so mom feels secure knowing her kittens are safe and so she can get some much needed rest.

·       When the kittens are about three-four weeks old, they venture out of the birthing box and explore their area and get introduced to solid foods.

·       At four-five weeks old, the kittens start to use the litter box, are eating solid food, and are drinking water. This is also the time when they get their nails trimmed, first bath and blow dry (with a hand held dryer), and first pictures taken.

·       Between five and eight weeks old, kittens will be gaining proficiency with using the litter box, eating dry and wet food, playing with toys and using a scratching post. When they become very active they are moved into a large secured kitten nursery inside the cattery.

·       Once the kittens are between eight and nine weeks old they will have had several baths, are used to being blown dry, having their nails trimmed, and their faces washed. They will also receive their first set of vaccinations.

·       By the time kittens are 12-16 weeks old, they are well-socialized and are now ready to go to their new homes. They will have received their second set of vaccinations, be proficient at using the litter box, using a scratching post, and eating both wet and dry food.

One of Everpaw's adorable Exotic Longhair Kittens now living with an amazing family in Virginia!