Frequently Asked Questions

·  What is an Exotic

General Description: The gentle Exotic Shorthair is a Persian in its pajamas and is the ideal cat for those who love the look of the Persian but do not have the time or inclination to take care of all that hair. Sometimes called 'the lazy man's Persian', the Exotic Shorthair is bred to be just like the Persian-except with a short, dense coat instead of a long flowing one. Exotics have the same pansy-like sweet face and short nose with big eyes and the same short square body giving them a cuddly bear-like look. These affectionate cats have the quiet manners of the Persian but are livelier and more inquisitive thanks to their shorthaired ancestry. 

History: The Exotic Shorthair grew from a different original desire. American Shorthair breeders bred to Persians to obtain their lovely silver color and green eyes. The kittens were pretty to look at but did not meet the true American Shorthair type. Jane Martinke noticed the effect the outcrosses had on the American type and coat as well as the attractiveness of the kittens. She proposed a new breed called the Sterling because of their lovely silver color. These new cats were to look just like Persians but with a short, dense plush coat. Originally intended to be silver only, the new breed changed the name to Exotic Shorthair and accepted all colors. Only a few outcrosses were made to shorthairs because the gene is dominant. In addition to the American Shorthair, some breeders chose to use the Burmese for its stocky body type, moderate head and short coat, while others went to the Russian Blue for the shorthaired gene because of its dense double coat. After the initial outcross to get the short coat, the offspring were bred back to Persians. Early progress was slow and difficult as Exotic Shorthair breeders tried to get Persian breeders to work with them. Gradually as the type on the new breed improved and became more popular, an increasing number of Persian breeders were willing to help and some decided to work with the young breed as well. The goal was to produce a short-coated Persian so as the Persian type changed so did Exotic's type. The early standard did not call for the Exotic to have a break like the Persian because of its shorthaired ancestry, however as the type came ever closer to the Persian this changed and the standards are now identical except for coat length.

Traits: Exotic Shorthairs are heavily boned, massive cats with lines softened by the thick dense coat. They have broad round heads with low set ears and great big round eyes opening up the short face and giving it a sweet expression. Their round heads are set on robust, short, square bodies with little short thick legs balanced by a short thick tail. The plush coat adds an impression of soft roundness to these muscular cats making them look like plush toys you want to pick up and cuddle. They come in all the colors of the rainbow and a multitude of patterns including pointed for a shorthaired version of the Himalayan. Grooming is easy with simple combing removing loose dead hair and a wipe of the eyes that can get irritated by dust because of their large surface. Exotics have the look of a Persian without the need to care for the long coat!

Personality: The easy-going Exotic Shorthair is an affectionate, gentle cat with the quiet manners of the Persian. Quietly endearing, Exotics request your attention with an irresistible gaze and then hug you when you pick them up. They will follow you from room to room in order to be near you and then jump in your lap for a nap when you settle down to read a book. Their shorthaired ancestors have given them a love of play and they will jump to catch a toy or sit studying how to get the toy you put out of reach before they were finished playing. Simple things amuse them whether it is chasing paper balls around the house or watching water drip out of a tap. While seen but rarely heard, the Exotic has a soft voice and has a vocabulary of chirping sounds. Although sweet and peaceful, Exotics still have an intelligent curiosity that makes them a joy to be around and since they are so easy-going they get along well with children and other pets.

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·  How much is the deposit?

A non-refundable fee of $500 is required to secure the kitten of your choice.  The remaining balance is due when the kitten is picked up in person or before delivery with vetted pet nanny will occur. No Refunds of the deposit for changing mind.

**​We reserve the right to refuse sale and return deposit of any cat or kitten at any time without explanation**

·  What age can the kitten come home with me?

The kitten can leave the cattery once they have received all vaccines/dewormers and have been cleared by a licensed veterinarian. This means the kitten will be at least 12 weeks of age but could be up to 16 weeks of age before they are ready for their forever families. Our priority is the health and well-being of our kittens and we disagree with the notion that they may miss out on early bonding. In our experience, the longer kittens can stay with their mothers the healthier they are, they are better with litter box training, and are better socialized than those who are sent home too young. Particularly because the Persian and Exotic breed matures much slower than other breeds so this is why they will stay in the cattery until they are at LEAST 12 weeks old. Be careful with anyone who want to sell you an 8 week old exotic kitten. 

·  What is the best way to contact you?

Facebook Messenger or e-mail are the best ways to get in contact with us. Email address is and links to our Facebook page are at the bottom of every page and will take you there.  If you need to speak with me via telephone, please send me an email to set an appointment so that I can give you my full attention.

·  How much do Exotic Shorthair and Longhair Kittens cost?

There is a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold your kitten. Everpaw's Exotic Shorthair and Longhair kittens will cost $2500 and the prices are much higher than that for breeding and show cats. When we have kittens available we will post images of them on the website and our Facebook page. If you are interested in any of our kittens send us a message so we can talk about placing one of our beautiful babies with you! 

·  Do you sell cats for breeding?

We are open to selling to experienced breeders who come with references and are already showing their own cats with an association approved by the World Cat Congress. Also, we may, on occasion, offer cats for sale as Premiership candidates to those interested in showing only. Please send an email to let us know your interest. 

·  Do you have a contract to purchase a kitten?

Yes. A contract will be provided and must be signed prior to pick up or delivery of the kitten.

·  What should I feed my new kitten or cat?

Samples of food are sent home with the kitten and buyer. Changing an Exotic kitten's diet abruptly or overfeeding will cause diarrhea! If you intend to feed your kitten something other than what it's accustom to, be sure to change gradually. Begin by mixing approximately one part new food to about five parts current food. Slowly increase the ratio of new food over the next several weeks until you eventually are feeding only the new food. 

·  Do you ship?

We will ship kittens at the buyer's expense with either a trusted flight nanny or myself and only after contracts are signed and final payment is made.  We do not ship cats unaccompanied via shipping cargo.  

·  Will my kitten come with a health guarantee?

Yes. The kitten will have a three year congenital health guarantee (from the date of purchase) against genetic defects which will (or have) resulted in loss of life.   More details regarding health guarantees will be found in the contract.