Tuscan Red in the Judges Ring

Great explanation of the Exotic Shorthair breed with our very own Tuscan Red!!

MAY/JUNE 2024: Fuzzball is having an impressive start to the 2024-2025 show season making 7 finals at "May the Feline Force Be With Mew" and 6 finals at "Madison Cat Club". We are so grateful that the judges love her as much as we do and continue to include her in their finals. Madison Cat Club had a very competitive kitten class with many entries and we feel honored that Fuzzball was included in 6/7 finals at that show. She is our first Exotic Longhair we've produced and first we've ever shown and we've enjoyed every moment!!

MAY/JUNE 2024: The 2024-2025 season is starting off amazing for our sweet clown boy, Sus! We traveled to two shows in Wisconsin, the first show "May the Feline Force be with Mew" he received an impressive BEST KITTEN IN SHOW from 4 judges!! He also made 7/8 finals!  The second show we attended was held by Madison Cat Club and this was their first show since Covid. They did an amazing job putting on the show after the long hiatus and we saw judges in the ring who hadn't been out in years! Sus received BEST KITTEN IN SHOW from 2 different judges and we felt this particular kitten class was the best we have seen in ANY association with MANY entries -- all who could have placed in the finals, but alas, only top 10 was permitted. Sus also received 2nd Best Kitten twice and placed really well in the remaining finals. He absolutely loves knocking down those ribbons off his cage and enjoys making spectators laugh with his silliness in the ring.

Everpaw Laugh It Up Fuzzball

APRIL 2024: Fuzzball did fantastic at her first ever cat show. We took her to the last show of the 2023-2024 season in April just to introduce her to the show hall, the judging table, and all the different people, smells, and sounds in preparation for showing her during the 2024-2025 season beginning in May. We are pleased to announce that not only did she have a great time, but she made a nice impression on the judges and made all 8/8 finals. To top that off she received BEST KITTEN IN SHOW from 3 different judges. We are thrilled to have her as part of our cattery to build our Silver lines.

Everpaw Suspension-Of-Disbelief

APRIL 2024: We are so happy with Sus, he is everything we want for our Exotic Shorthair program. We entered him at his first cat show by Gopher State Cat Club in Crystal, MN not really knowing what to expect. At four months old he already has such an amazing personality, coat, temperament, with natural ability to thrill spectators and judges alike with his goofiness in the ring. He made 6/8 finals and was a crowd favorite. We are looking forward to seeing how well he does for the 2024-2025 show season.

APRIL 2024: Sus getting loved on by another Exhibitor at the Gopher State Cat Club Show

2023-2024 SHOW SEASON: Bearpaw (Yoshi) doing really well at CFA show in Twin Cities

2023-2024 SHOW SEASON: Tuscan Red in the Ring

Tuscan Red in the Ring

Tuscan Red in the ring

Tuscan Red winning some ribbons

Bearpaw being lovey with the judge

Tuscan Red and Bearpaw winning some finals!

Bearpaw in the Judging Ring

Ms Toxic in the Judging Ring

Ms Toxic Making Finals

Spectator LOVE!